thomas ciufo : beginner's mind


beginner’s mind (for improviser, computer, and multi-channel sound system)

Beginner’s Mind is an improvisational sound environment / instrument, designed for exploration and discovery of timbre changing over time, within a particular space, using acoustic sound sources that are processed and reinterpreted via semi-autonomous computational algorithms. This creates a hybridized, computer-mediated performance system that combines the capabilities of computation with the tactile and expressive intimacy of acoustic sound sources. Using multichannel surround audio and gradually changing textures creates an immersive and contemplative sound environment that blurs the boundary between performer, sound, and listeners. This dynamic and evolving sound space lives somewhere between foreground and background, between installation and performance, between concrete and imagined. More than anything, this sound space invites us to listen deeply and to contemplate our relationship to sound, space, and the sound world we inhabit / create.