Microphone report

A microphone report will be submitted by each student and will be posted(by me) to the course web site to serve as a useful reference. Specific microphones (most in use in our studio) will be assigned to each student. Your research report will identify and describe the microphones basic features, provide detailed technical aspects and operational characteristics, as well as identifying practical uses and applications.

The report should be at least two pages long, but this will vary depending on layout and the inclusion of images or graphs, which is encouraged. The report, based on information obtained from the manufacturer, reviews, books, audio forums, or elsewhere, must cover all relevant specifications, including (but not limited to) operational principle, frequency response, pickup pattern(s), dynamic range, maximum SPL, signal to noise ratio, and any switches or controls on the mic. The significance and relevance of each specification must be stated and put into context.

The report must include:

1. a discussion of the basic features of the microphone and pertinent information about its history
2. a detailed discussion of its specifications and their relevance
3. information regarding applications for the particular microphone - What are some ideal (and not so idea) applications for this particular mic?

If you quote any sources, they must be cited at the end of the report. If you do not include any quotations, you must still list the references you used for your report.

Please consider the accuracy, formatting and clarity of the report, since they will be posted to our web site for shared use. Please email to me a well formatted PDF file.