Mix analysis

A mix analysis is a critical evaluation of all the parameters of an audio recording. This could be a single track, song, movement, or section from a longer piece. Please do your best to identify each individual audio element (track, instrument, voice, effect, and so on). Each individual mix analysis will be drawn from a different set of musical genres which will be noted in the course schedule.

Each mix analysis will be posted on the course blog, and cannot duplicate an existing entry. The title of the post should start with your last name. Your mix analysis will include three sections.

(1) The selected category, the name of the artist, the album, the album date, and the recording title.

(2) A listing of each audio source followed by its perceived amplitude (within a range from 0 to 10) and its perceived pan position (within a range from -10 to 10, left to right).

(3) A few sentences about any dynamic parameters, unusual presentations, or difficulties of apprehension. If you can include a link to an online version of the work, please do so.