* please note: Additional content may be added throughout the semester. All significant changes will be announced in class.


sept 2 - no class / school holiday

Since we do not meet on sept 2rd, please complete the reading assignments for sept 9th prior to our first class meeting (on sept 9th) - there will be a short quiz on these materials and then we will review them in class. This will only work if you have already read the chapters and taken notes

course startup items:
fill out this questionnaire - please email it to me by 9/7


sept 9 - class intro / studio tour + sound and hearing

prior to our first class meeting:
read: the course syllabus and schedule
read: Modern Recording Techniques (MRT) ch 1 and 2 (ch 3 optional) - eBook available from the Towson Library
browse: hearing health info from HEAR and HRI

In Class
introduction to the course / syllabus review - any questions?
quiz + review chapters 1-2
blog sign up @ wordpress - this will allow you to post your mix analysis to this blog
* note: please use your first name as part of your user name. Please use your Towson email address
studio tour - critical listening session / mix analysis demo


sept 16 -microphone basics: selection / placement

read: MRT ch 4 (ch 5 optional)
studio session - mono mic techniques
assign microphone for reports - our studio microphone list is here
read: (optional) a simple guide to microphone specifications is here a more detailed version is here
intro to ear training
due: mix analysis 1 - genre: must be exclusively acoustic instruments (could be classical, acoustic jazz, folk, world etc.)
please read these instructions and refer to the example I posted to the blog


sept 23 - stereo recording techniques

quiz ? chapters 1, 2, or 4 ?
read: Bartlett, Stereo Microphone Techniques
read: recommended / optional - Bartlett, Stereo Recording Procedures
another good article describing stereo microphone techniques
studio session - stereo recording techniques
do: start working on your microphone research project / report - instructions are here
due: ear training exercise 1 - please carefully read the instructions, which are located here


sept 30 - digital audio

read: MRT ch 6
in class: studio session, microphone techniques + more critical listening and mix analysis
tutorial - meter and musical form
due: microphone report - email report to me - please read and follow these instructions


oct 7 - digital audio workstation + editing

read: MRT ch 7 (ch 8-9 optional)
read: recommended / optional - audio editing in DAWs in Sound on Sound
audio lab - DAW + editing
midterm review materials are on line here - please review prior to class and write down any questions to go over
due: mix analysis 2 - genre: rock, pop, funk, hip hop, rap...
*please include an analysis / description of the form of the song
for the song form, please use terms (intro, verse, chorus...) which is often clearer than using letters


oct 14 - midterm

go over some of your mix analysis posts
take the midterm - midterm review materials are on line here


oct 21 - studio signal flow / patching / bussing + mixing basics

read: MRT ch 13
audio lab - signal flow / patching
due: ear training report 2 - please carefully read the instructions, which are located here


oct 28 - session techniques and procedures

read: MRT ch 20
multitrack session
check out some of the guidelines for session documentation here
read: recommended / optional - interesting article on analyzing commercial mixes from Sound on Sound
due: mix analysis 3 - genre: anything goes...


nov 4 - basic mixing and signal processing 1

read: MRT ch 14
audio lab - mixing basics and signal processing
listening session - mix analysis review / production overview
work on on basic rough mix - session set up, basic balance, pan, and blend (bring session to class on portable drive)


nov 11 - signal processing 2 + alternative approaches

quiz ? chapters 13, 14, 20 - take home test
review / continuation of chapter 14
read: please read at least one classic tracks articles
start thinking about your recording research project
more signal processing - time-based fx's + alternative approaches
due: mix 1 - please carefully read the project instructions here
review mix 1


nov 18 - multitrack session + monitoring + mixing techniques

read: MRT ch 16
read / browse: Please check out choosing and using studio monitors from Electronic Musician
read / browse: please check out the secrets of the mix engineers articles
start working on your recording research project
start on mix 2 assignment - instructions are here


nov 25 - surround + mastering

read: MRT ch 17 and 18
surround sound listening session
due: please email me with your recording paper subject and at least 3 potential references
due: mix 2 - instructions are here
listen to some of the mix 2 projects


dec 2 - recording project paper due + in-class presentations

please see instructions here


dec 9 - final exam

review guide is here


dec 12 - final meeting - 10:15 - 12:15

go over final + listening session