Plug-in reference sheet


This short research project / report is designed to help solidify your working knowledge of at least one plug-in from several of the main processing categories. Your main reference resource should be the Protools Audio Plug-in Guide PDF, plus web resources as needed. The form of the reference sheet is up to you - please pick a format that is useful to you and is clear and to the point; at the least, you should list and briefly describe the main controls for each plug-in. These do not need to be extensive write ups, but they should make it clear that you understand the main features and controls, as well as the general use of the plug-in. You must use your own words - no copy and paste allowed. It is important that you understand what each control does. It would be best to work on this with protools running and the plug-in loaded so you can test each feature as you go along.


Listed below are the categories and some suggested plug-ins. You must include at least one plug-in from each category, but If you would like to do more than one, that would be great.


EQ - EQ 3: 7 band

Dynamics - Dyn 3 compressor / limiter (you can also do maxim if you want to)

Reverb - Air Reverb and / or D-verb - your choice (or both)

Delay - mod delay III (you can also do Moogerfooger or Real Tape if you want to)

Modulation - any that come with the standard installation

Harmonic - any that come with the standard installation

Instruments - Click


Please consider the accuracy, formatting and clarity of the report. Please email your document to me as well formatted PDF file. You can make it in any program you want, but please export to PDF and make sure it looks the way you want it to after the export.