Recording analysis paper / presentation


For this project, you will pick a recording to research. The main goal is to research and analyze the particular recording, attempting to figure out the following:

1. where and how the recording was made

2. what equipment and techniques were used, and how this all lead to the sonic outcome of the recording.

3. try to discover something about the larger context of the recording - were there important additional factors that influenced or shaped the project?

4. did the recording break new ground, refine existing techniques, or otherwise impact the musical or technical landscape?


You should use at least three sources (hopefully more) to inform your research. Here are some pointers, but there are many resources you could draw from.


Sound on Sound (check out the 'classic tracks' and 'secrets of the mix engineers' under articles --> techniques)
Mix Magazine (various places - start with the 'recording' tab)
Electronic Musician (various places - start with the 'interview' tab)
Tape Op (a lot of good resources, including many interviews - some content require a <free> subscription)
Gearslutz (lots of good resources - you can search, or browse the expert Q & A section)


There are also a lot of good books that document various recordings, as well as books about production:


Moorefield, The Producer as Composer: Shaping the Sounds of Popular Music
Milner, Perfecting Sound Forever: An Aural History of Recorded Music
Massey, Behind the Glass - Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits
Brown, Rick Rubin: In the Studio


You will present this work in two forms:

1. A concise and articulate written summary of your research - at least 1 page single spaced, plus references (all quotations must be properly cited)

2. A short in-class presentation (5-8 minutes, give or take) to include one or more high quality audio example