more to be added throughout the semester....


Protools documentation is downloadable from links on this page


The web site for Mixing Audio, by Roey Izhaki is here (including audio examples)

Downloadable example files can be found here


The web site for Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio, by Mike Senior is here


Some online magazines / blogs you might want to read

sound on sound
tape op
create digital music



Some additional info on making reference CD's (very subjective... Also, some good info on the audio forums)

article from Sound on Sound

Honor Roll of Dynamic Recordings - by Bob Katz

Commercial Reference CD's - Vestman Mastering


Microphone info sites:

The RecordingHacks Microphone Database
Microphone data site

S. O. Coutant Microphone site


Here are some session forms:

general recording map

basic tracking info sheet

track sheet (from mackie)

tracking sheet (drop down menu)


reaper - inexpensive digital audio workstation - mentioned in class


A few cross platform cloud storage options


Amazon cloud drive


Some hard drive cloning software

Carbon copy cloner



Bob Katz - excellent web site - includes faq about digital audio


Speech, Language and Hearing Center - TU - provides the following Audiology Services





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