* please note: minor changes may be made throughout the semester. All significant changes will be announced in class.


jan 28 - course intro + studio review


intro to class + studio review

signal flow and patching review

session / protools set up + recording session
critical listening


feb 4 - stereo recording + editing


stereo recording session + advanced editing techniques

stereo mic techniques review: browse Shure stereo miking basics or sound on sound article
and / or watch this video on stereo miking
read: sound on sound audio editing in DAWS
watch: please check out this excellent editing tutorial by Ed Tetreault
read: Izhaki, intro + ch1-2: music and mixing + some axioms and other gems xxi--18 (library ebook)

do: start on microphone info sheet - please cover the mics on this list

do: start your small group sessions - basic guidelines are here + write with any questions


feb 11 - recording vocals


vocal recording session + vocal mixing and processing intro
read: this vocal recording / production article
read: Izhaki, ch 3: leaning to mix 19-29 (ebook)
read: Senior, mix referencing 64-71 (ebook)
browse: optional - microphone techniques article - as needed
due: edit project


feb 18 - recording drums


drum recording session + drum mixing and processing intro

read: this basic drum tracking article and - optional - watch this video tutorial
read: optional - detailed article on recording kick and snare
read: Izhaki, ch 4: the process of mixing 30-45
due: mic reference sheet due - please submit via email attachment


feb 25 - multitrack session / guest engineer


orchestra recording session w/ guest engineer - Ed Tetreault - Peabody Recording Arts

read: Izhaki, ch 5-6: related issues + mixing domains and objectives 46-67

read / browse: either this or this article on orchestra recording from mix magazine

browse (optional / as needed) - microphone techniques article
due: first draft of your reference CD playlist (please email to me)


mar 4 - mix preparation


review of past sessions and Izhaki readings - listening review: vocals and drums, maybe orchestra session

mix preparation and setup (using your small group sessions)

read: Senior, ch 5: essential groundwork 81-87, ch7: comping and arrangement 107-116
due: reference CD - (bring CD to class - please email a track list with at least one short justification for each track)

due: small group recordings + session documentation and short write up
(email a brief individual write up / project summary / reflection to me; what did you learn from this project, what worked well, what would you do different next time? also, please make sure session documentation is in your session folders on the studio computer)


mar 11 - mixing basics


review your reference CD's

mixing basics - balance and space

read: Senior, ch 8: building the raw balance 117-142

quiz 1 - microphone / tracking techniques (covering tracking articles, plus techniques from class and studio sessions)
due: mix preparation / rough mix


mar 18 - Spring Break


mar 25 - more mixing techniques - compression


mixing - balance and compression
read: Senior, ch 9: compressing for a reason 143-161 + ch 10: beyond compression 163-170
read: optional, Izhki, ch 16: compressors 266-330


apr 1 - more mixing - EQ


mixing - tone and equalization
read: Senior, ch 11: equalizing for a reason 171-188 + ch 12: beyond EQ 191-201
read: optional, Izhki, ch 14: equalizers 202-257

review plug-in sheets
mix 1 - work in progress
due: plug-in reference sheet - instructions are here


apr 8 - mixing master class / guest engineer


master class w/ guest engineer - Ed Tetreault * please take notes - email a brief summary to me prior to our next class

mixing overview / techniques
read: Senior, ch 15: toward fluent balancing 225-227, ch 16 mixing w/ reverb 229-253

due: mix 1


apr 15 - experimental production techniques


processing and sound transformation / time based - review plug-in reference sheets

read: Senior, ch 17-18: mixing w/ delays + stereo enhancements 255-271

read - optional - Daniel Lanois & Mark Howard: Recording Neil Young's Le Noise

mix 1 reviews


apr 22 - mix reviews + introduction to surround mixing


more about reverb and delay + buss compression and automation

Senior, ch 19 buss compression, automation and endgame 273-298
browse: Protools automation + Protools surround concepts (chapter 2, starting on pg. 13)
intro to surround mixing + session set up and routing
due: mix 2


apr 29 - more surround

listen to / review mix 2
more surround mixing + surround listening session

read: basic / Intro article from SOS is here - slightly dated but useful Q and A is here
browse: Protools surround concepts pdf is here (chapter 2, starting on pg. 13)

for more info - browse Surround Sound (Second Edition) TU library ebook
due: please email a brief description of your recording presentation - instructions for your presentation / report are here


may 6 - listening session + quiz 2


listen / review surround projects
quiz 2 (in-class) - basic mixing techniques + compression, EQ, reverb and delay, automation
due: surround mix


may 13 - Presentations

due: recording presentations - in class + written (email final version to me prior to class) - instructions are here




may 20th - final meeting