Tracking project guidelines


This project will focus on developing your basic recording / tracking skills, to include:

* signal flow and patching, to include mics, DI's, preamps, protools interface i/o, headphones and talk back
* mic selection and microphone techniques, including mono and stereo approaches and placement concerns - close / far / spot / room

* session set up, procedures, file management, and project documentation
* getting good sounds!


Here are some more specific guidelines / time lines:


session 1 - probably best to have someone in your group do the playing, since this will give you more time to work out any problems. Session one should focus on simple mic selection, placement and patching, including headphones and talk back. This should get you ready for a session with a guest musician.

session 2 - plan, schedule, and arrange a visit by a guest musician. Probably best to just go with one or two players - keep it reasonably simple. Talk with them ahead of time and come up with a simple production plan. Work on good mic placements / getting good basic sounds, and try to get a take or two of the song.

session 3 - if you want to bring the same musicians back in to do overdubs, this is fine. If this is not practical, you can just repeat the approach from session 2 with a new group.


* Please record all sessions on glyph C, in the '482_spring13' folder. Inside that folder is a folder called 'small_group_projects'. Please make a folder for your group, and then a new session folder for each week - include the date in the session folder title.


* Each session folder should have a text file that includes the session notes - mics used, mic placement, and a short description of the session. Your protools sessions should have each track labels, and comments should be used for additional info.