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Once you have blog access, you can make a new post in a few different ways.

All of the different methods require that you first log in (lower right side of blog, under 'meta')

Once logged in, you can open the 'dashboard' - the main editing interface for the blog. Once in the dashboard, you can go to 'posts' then 'add new' from the left hand menu. This will open the new post window, which should be pretty self explanatory. Enter the title, the content (see formatting tools at the top of the content window) select a category on the right side, and when you are ready, click the blue 'publish' button on the right side. You can then leave the dashboard and view the blog to make sure your post is there.

The wordpress support page is here and info about RSS blog feeds are here

Regarding content


There are many ways that we can use the blog this term...

Reading responses are a natural fit and one of the main reasons I started using blogs in certain classes. You can analyze, question or reflect on any aspect of the assigned readings. There is no specific format that is required - lets see if this can arise naturally based on the materials that we are reading. These do not need to be especially long or detailed and you do not need to respond to each reading in a given week. For some readings, I will request that everyone post a response. Maybe you raise an interesting question or an idea you would like to explore in more detail in our discussion. Perhaps it is a reflection on one of the readings or activities that we are working on. Maybe after reading someone's post, you want to offer a related comment or follow up (make sure you figure out the difference between a post and a comment).

Ideally, the reading responses will help us engage and explore the materials and activities of the class outside the confines of our meetings, and also help inform and direct our in-person discussions. For some readings, I will ask one or two of you to facilitate our discussion. This will require you to post questions or discussion topics to the blog in advance of our in-class discussion.

Please try to read / browse the blog periodically and check out rss feeds if you want a more convenient way to know when someone has posted or commented.

Beyond what is mentioned above, any or all additional uses for the blog are open... I will occasionally post interesting projects or news items. We could also post about area events that might be of interest to the class, as well as tech related problems or solutions. Sometimes you may want to post to the blog for help with a tech issue or for feedback that might help your project. Or - you could post about other uses for the blog...