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Tech Resources

max/MSP patches and stand alone applications
Edirol R 09 manual and application guide
if you get the newer Edirol R 09 HR, the manual and user info is here
making music in protools - pdf tutorial
Digidesign (protools software)
Cycling 74 (max/msp software)

Ardour (open source digital audio workstation; a bit involved to set up, but seems promising)
Audacity (free sound editing / mixing environment)
Soundhack (free sound processing program)
ixi software (free sound processing software modules)
Freesound project (collaborative database of free / sharable sounds)
ImX (real-time video software for os X <free>)
ETS tech workshops
web design resources

UBUWEB: sound
Handbook for Acoustic Ecology
Ears - ElectroAcoustic Resource Site
Pandora - internet radio


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