Resources (more to come...)

Audio Recording - Glossary of Terms
glossary from the course text site
glossary by Bruce Bartlett
glossary by Mackie (PDF)

Bob Katz - excellent web site - includes faq about digital audio
Dave Moulton - very useful online articles

sound on sound - excellent magazine / web site - lots of great articles and tutorials
tape op - interesting recording magazine - free subscriptions available

Surround Info
surround sound commercial format chart
surround production guide for music
Surround Sound: Up and Running - book by Holman
Pro Tools Surround Sound Mixing - book by Tozzoli

Ear training for engineer
book and software - by Jason Corey
how to listen - developed by harman international
quiztones - software for mac, iOS and android (free mac demo on the 'compare' page)

some resources and recommendations for good headphones

Etymotic ETY high-fidelity earplugs (about 15.00)

Etymotic custom made earplugs (about 150.00) the impressions can be made at the TU Speech, Language and Hearing Center
TU - provides the following Audiology Services

a good online acoustics site - it has other topics besides acoustics...

some additional software options
reaper -inexpensive digital audio workstation - mentioned in class
logic - apples professional daw / production environment
Live - a different approach to daw / production software from ableton

Microphone info
The RecordingHacks Microphone Database
Microphone data site
S. O. Coutant Microphone site

Here are some session forms:
general recording map
basic tracking info sheet
track sheet (from mackie)
tracking sheet (drop down menu)

A few cross platform cloud storage options
Amazon cloud drive

Some hard drive cloning software
Carbon copy cloner


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